How did we start?

We created our company because we firmly believe that the education industry is behind in both adopting technology to improve teaching and learning, and in preparing students for the technological workforce in high demand today. Everything we do in this new era of tech is impacted by automation and computation. We believe that in order to excel financially and academically in the future, an understanding of cutting-edge systems and technology is a vital piece of every child's education.

Our Values

Quality and Rigor

We are obsessive about the quality of our educational materials. Using a data driven approach, we are constantly iterating and improving our course offerings and curriculum. We strive to offer parents a quality of education that isn't found anywhere else.

Learning Is Fun

The best kind of marketing is referrals. We make our curriculum engaging and exciting so kids WANT to come back. They tell their friends and those friends sign up.

Operational Excellence

We know that scaling is hard. From the first day of our business, we built it to scale using our own custom built software, marketing automation platform, and business intelligence tools.

Why Not Online?

We believe that the internet is a very powerful source of information. We rely on the internet for almost everything from communication to education, however, we firmly believe that the human element of having a teacher guiding students and helping them in understanding and creating is an inextricable piece of effective learning (and statistics agree).

We utilize the most effective parts of online learning, using our platform to access and practice skills and concepts, while relying on the interaction between teacher and student to reinforce and strengthen understanding. With less time being spent by teachers on rote tasks and basic concept delivery, teachers spend more time aiding students in the process of creating unique code and projects.

My son absolutely loves coming here! He has an interest in video games which Code Galaxy has turned into a love of coding as well. How cool is that? Intrinsic motivation is the best way to learn right? We come twice a week and Andrew always leaves with a sheet of paper detailing the coding exercises he did that day and what he will work on next time. He is so motivated to complete each lesson.  The staff of great I cant say enough there. Beyond all of this coding is critical in today's world and a major skill for kids to have later on in life.  I feel like I am doing my job as a parent to effectively prepare him for the world with a big advantage by sending him here.

Christina P.
- Parent of a Code Galaxy Student

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How we are changing the world?

Here at Code Galaxy, our classes emphasize applicable computer engineering skills that propel children to become creators and not just consumers of technology.  Alternative approaches only offer fun, but shallow educational excellence.

Even if kids don’t pursue a STEM career, they’ll learn critical skills such as creative problem solving, logical thinking, and working in a team-setting that will give them a leg up in school and beyond..


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