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At Code Galaxy We Believe That

The world is rapidly moving towards technology to solve humanity's problems. With the rapid evolution of machine learning and robots with the ability to automate and solve humanity's challenges, the things that we grew up seeing in sci-fi movies will become a reality in our lifetime.

Self-driving cars, drones, flying cars, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality will dominate industry by the time your child is an adult. This technology will be prevalent in virtually every industry from medicine to construction, education, and finance, and is advancing at break-neck speeds. The people who can understand and design this type of technology will have lifelong advantages.


We teach kids the fundamentals of computer science and programming so they can have a leg up on the future. Learning a coding language is now as vital and arguably more important than any other skill your child will learn.

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Programs We Offer

The Code Galaxy program is designed to take a child through from ages 8 to 14. Our after school programs meet 2x a week for 1 hour with classwork that can be completed at home. Our summer camps are an accelerated version of our weekly classes.

Summer Camp


These special coding and technology camps are designed to introduce kids 5-15 to new concepts in 1 Week blocks.  Running June 3rd through August 9th

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Weekly Classes

Classes 2X a week for 1 hour
Learn at your own pace
School Year Hours - Begins August 13th
Monday - Thursday: 3:30-8PM
Saturday: 10:30-2PM

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Brooks Morgan

Former CRO Princeton Review

“I am extremely excited about the Code Galaxy team’s vision for educating the next generation. Ravi and team are doing great things for the K-12 education community.”

Matt Kinnich

CEO Language Stars School

"Launch Code After School offers young learners an opportunity to explore the concepts and practical application of coding.  Launch’s curriculum is designed to embrace learning regardless of age or experience by utilizing a multi-dimensional approach that includes games, self-paced and collaborative elements that go beyond the ‘How’ to the ‘Why’.”

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