How Code Galaxy Supports You

Code Galaxy if a full fledged franchise support company.  We’ve created an effective platform and process for teaching technology and coding. We've made it straightforward for entrepreneurs from any background to open a Code Galaxy coding center.

Code Galaxy's Suite of Services

Dedicated Staff for Every Stage of the Process

Let us guide you and show you our best practices as you go from a franchisee candidate to a successful business owner!

Finance as a Service

Securing financing for your dream is critical.  We’ve partnered with the best in the business to ensure that we explore every option to secure the initial capital to get your location open.

Additionally, keeping track of your books can be a pain.  As part of our standard business operations system, Code Galaxy provides a turn-key solution and finance team to handle tracking of your cash inflows and outflows.

Full Service Marketing

Event Planning

Our team helps you stand out from the competition by becoming the premier vendor at events. We hook you up with a sweet booth package that will wow the parents and kids as they walk by.


Utilize our best of breed PPC strategies to help you generate even more traffic to your business.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a tricky world but we have you covered!
Our team is working every day to ensure that when parents are searching the internet for coding education, they’re finding your business first.

Turn-key Construction Services

Project Management

Avoid the stress of managing construction by having a dedicated PM lead the entire process.

High Quality Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Package

Wow your customers with a cutting-edge, technology enabled, premium furnished environment  that we’ve achieved special pricing for.

Real Estate Location Services

We’ll help you find the perfect place to set up your new business using our cutting edge demographic analytics tools and real estate partners.

New Product and Curriculum Updates

Staying relevant with today’s technology is the lifeblood of our organization. We’re constantly coming up with new products and curriculum to help your customers see added value.

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Code Galaxy University Training at
Mission Control - Austin, TX

Code Galaxy provides you with immersive on-site training with kids, parents, and our expert teachers/admins so you can learn from the best.  

We also provide additional training on how to use our technology stack, run a center efficiently, hiring, customer service, marketing, event planning, and much more.

Continuous Education

Online Help Guides

Quick and easy guides that you can access 24/7. We publish all the how to's and best practices into our knowledge base.

Responsive Support Team

Dedicated staff that are standing by to help ensure you have a worry-free business ownership experience. Happy owners make for happy customers!

New Curriculum Release Training

At Code Galaxy, we’re constantly developing new curriculum that excites kids and keeps them coming back. We make sure that each of your teachers are proficient with teaching our curriculum through regular training.


We invest in you because your success is our success. Join us for convenient webinars that go into best practices for operating your business. We’ll give you the all the tools you need to be our best franchisee!

Who Is The Ideal Franchisee?

In one word, our ideal franchisee is caring. They care about kids. They care about education. They care about making the world better through technology.

Do I Need To Be a Coder To Be a Good Franchisee?

No! Not only do we make it easy for kids to learn about computer programming, we make it easy to teach computer programming as well. What is most important is that you have a passion for preparing kids for a future that requires computer programming skills. The Code Galaxy Mission Control and business operations platform does all the heavy lifting for you.

What Can I Expect?

Help From Day 1

You’ll be assigned an implementation specialist to help guide you through the entire process from opening your location to break-even.

How we are changing the world?

Here at Code Galaxy, our classes emphasize applicable computer engineering skills that propel children to become creators and not just consumers of technology.  Alternative approaches only offer fun, but shallow educational excellence.

Even if kids don’t pursue a STEM career, they’ll learn critical skills such as creative problem solving, logical thinking, and working in a team-setting that will give them a leg up in school and beyond..


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Austin, TX 78746

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